Bianca Milacic

Bianca Milacic (Wales, 1989), half Welsh, half Montenegrin, currently residing in Madrid. What a combo. This multi national, multi talented artist has, throughout her blossoming career, experimented with an assortment of varying styles and mediums until she finally settled and honed in her talents to focus on the magical world of digital art.

Bianca discovered her natural artistic abilities from a young age, where she used to draw as a little girl as a way to escape the dullness of reality and whisk herself away to her own little world of illustrations. Where most would stick to paper, badass Bianca utilised the school tables to showcase her artwork. From there she dabbled in the art of graffiti where she took to abandoned buildings as a platform for her designs, to places far from public view where it wouldn’t bother anyone. When asked about her deserted sites of choice she remarks that it was on, “no ones houses or things like that, unless they deserved it” – remind us not to get on her bad side…

Forever armed with a pencil and notebook, ready to whip it out when inspiration strikes, Bianca is mesmerised by faces of all shapes and sizes. Some of her friends even go to the extent to say she has a “weird addiction to faces”. Trains are her haven, where she can stare endlessly at the sea of travelling faces, all bored and subdued, the perfect audience to practice with undisturbed, all so adamant that they will ignore everyone around them.

Having experimented with a range of different artistic tools and mediums including acrylic, oils, watercolours, pastels and pencil, Bianca finally decided to settle on digital art for the main reason of not being able to run out of paint… We hear you Bianca, times are tough. Through digital art the artist has complete free reign to design, to highlight, to interpret and portray the scene in whichever way she chooses.

In this series of love struck characters produced by Bianca for The Public House of Art as part of The Awesome collection, we see each one in search of love in their own individual ways. Whether it be that one night stand, or someone to love and to hold till death do us part, Bianca’s characters are sexy, flirtatious and downright desirable with their smooth skin, perfectly coiffured hair and meticulously done makeup.

Bianca describes her interpretation of The Awesome in her works as being, “about the summer love crush feeling that we get. I really think that is so awesome and we should not let it go and it is so sad that when we do, when we finally get to a certain age that maybe ‘love’ doesn’t affect us in the same way as it does when we are younger.” This universal feeling of love binds together all the heartthrob characters seen in Bianca’s series. How each character sees loves and what they want from it.