Can I select every artwork when i have a membership?

Yes, you can select every (available) artwork in the membership tier* you’ve signed up for!


*Villa, Mansion or Castle

Is my artwork insured?

Your artwork is fully insured by the security deposit you pay during your first month (2 months membership equivalent). This deposit will be added to your total points, but deducted if you return a damaged artwork.

How often can I exchange my artwork?

We offer our members a free exchange once every year. Any extra exchanges are granted but you will be charged a €300 one time fee.

What if I run out of money and can’t pay my membership anymore?

If you are in your first 12 months of membership, we have to unfortunately pick up the artwork. You will loose all your points, including your deposit. After 12 months we simply stop your membership and pick-up the artwork. You can still spend your points within 6 months after we picked up the artwork.

Can I up- or downgrade my membership?

Yes this is possible after the first year of your membership. You will receive a new membership and we will cancel the old one. All your points from your first year will remain, of course.

I have a company; can I reclaim the VAT?

Yes, there is 9% VAT which you can claim at the Dutch tax office! You can download the monthly invoices from your account dashboard.

I want to buy the art work and stop my subscription, is that possible?

Yes, this is possible at any moment. You can pay the difference of the artwork value and your accumulated points.

When can I cancel a subscription?

When you buy the artwork or when the first 12 months have passed (on a monthly basis).

Do you offer artwork installation services?

Yes we do! For only €49 we will deliver and install your new artwork(s). All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the show! This service is only available in the Netherlands.

Do you offer B2B packages?

Definitely, we have a broad B2B clientele consisting of hotels, restaurants, interior designers and several other cool businesses. If you like to join the gang or learn more about our unique B2B offerings send an email to info@publihouseofart.com and we’ll get in touch!

Do you have a referral program?

Yes we do: Find us our next member and you will be rewarded with 100 PHOA points. On your account page under POINTS you will find your personal referral link to send to your friends and family. Tell them to use this link to go to our website and subscribe to a membership. As soon as the subscription is completed, you will receive your 100 PHOA points and your friend/family member will get a month for free.

I live outside the Netherlands but I’m Dutch and I have a Dutch bank account, can I be a member?

Sorry, no. Unfortunately, you need to have an address in the Netherlands. We will be opening more markets shortly, so hang on!