Carla DLM

Who or what is the personification of the Devil?
I would say it is my mind.

Have you ever wondered what makes an artist tick? In my case, it is my mind. My mind is made of layers, each of them with different personalities, each of them with different thoughts, and each of them with different meanings. They can go from sweet to sour in one second or can go in the opposite. I always say “I have layers in my mind.” I create views that don’t exist, but they do exist in my visions. I love details and the devil is in the details. I am very proud that I have a mind, which is both devilish and sweet – it’s what makes my art what it is.

If the Apocalypse is imminent, what would you do your last day on Earth?
Many things. However, I won’t share them with you. All my different thoughts are very deep inside me; precious thoughts, intriguing thoughts, and most importantly….secret thoughts.

What do you do when no one’s watching?
Think and keep thinking.

What is your favourite sexual position?

Favourite curse word?
I don’t usually use them. I have lived without them perfectly my whole life, but to mention the one I use most…is “Damn” 😉

Carla DLM is a New York based fine art photographer whose work has been published and recognised internationally. As we descend deeper into the psyche of Carla DLM, we find that her series of the urban cityscape reflects a deep understanding of the pulse/vibrations of New York City life. Alongside her passion as a professional photographer, Carla is an electronic engineer, a designer and a website developer – a true Renaissance Woman! She uses her interdisciplinary skills as the foundation of her unique style of art; combining surrealism, abstraction and motion to present reality through a whole new lens – and it’s not just a glitch! Thus far, New York City has been the biggest inspiration for Carla DLM – stay tuned though, we have a hunch her rockstar tour will be making its way to a city near you!

Carla DLM’s triptych series, ‘Let’s Hear it for New York’ has joined ‘The Devil Inside Me’ collection at the Public House of Art. The series is a frenetic release detailing the exchange between the photographer and her habitat’s cacophonous workings. Long exposures blur the ephemeral traces of human life amidst the stoic, urban terrain. What manifests is like the beginnings of a shroom trip – hypnotic fractals appear like shifting shapes, undulating to form a new multi-layered portrait of urban environments.

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Carla rises and soars to embody the challenge set by the philosopher, Theodor Adorno: “the task of art today is to bring chaos into order.


AAF Amsterdam 2018 (Nov 2018)
LXRY Fair 2017 (Dec 2017)