Dan Bannino

Dan Bannino is an Italian-born photographer whose work has been aptly described as ‘Pop-Baroque’ or ‘Pop-Renaissance’. He combines influences coming from the Old Masters and the rich cultural inheritance of his native Italy with inspiration drawn from the world of contemporary pop culture displayed on the internet or TV.

Dan began his Still Diets back in 2014 where he feeds people’s desires to know the secrets behind celebrity diets. Dan researches those elements as symbols of vanity inspired by Dutch artists from the Golden Age particularly from the works of Adriaen Coorte, Adriaen van Utrecht, Francesco Fieravino, Abraham van Beyeren, Adam Bernaert and Aelbert Jansz van der Schoor among others. The decorative abundance is today, as was in those days, allusive to the theme of vanitas. The result is a mash-up of old and new, baroque and modern, filled with innuendos. The element of discovery sure plays a large part of deciphering Dan’s works!


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AAF Amsterdam 2018 (Nov 2018)
AAF Battersea Autumn 2018 (Oct 2018)
AAF Hampstead 2018 (May 2018)
Art Breda 2018 (Apr 2018)
AAF New York Spring 2018 (Mar 2018)
AAF Battersea Spring 2018 (Mar 2018)
Art Palm Beach 2018 (Jan 2018)
Sticky Business @ Stedelijk Museum, Schiedam, Netherlands (Mar 2017)
Solo Show: Eat Me @ Museum of Art and Design, Kolding, Denmark (Jan 2017)
Poetic Dogs @ Ca’ Pisani Design Hotel, Venice Biennale of Art, Italy (Apr 2015)
Table Manners @ Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas, USA (Jan 2014)