Flore Zoe

Flore Zoé’s main calling in life is to capture a vital truth in the complicated nature of beauty. A successful fine art photographer and concept artist, Zoé was born in Delft in 1975 and from the moment she picked up her first camera, Zoé knew she had discovered a new language. Though at first a student of Psychology, she later studied photography to pursue her passion. But her interest in the complicated meanderings of the mind remained in her art.

For her collaboration with The Public House of Art and ‘The Devil Inside Me’, Flore Zoé created an exclusive series that merges the realms of art and psychology in ‘Anchored Self-Fulfilment’. Taking readings from Freud and Jung, this series explores the delicate balance between our hidden selves and the image we put out there for all to see. In a time of over-sharing through exceedingly more and more channels, when we think we have become fully in-tune with ourselves, do we also feel that we have reached self-fulfillment? This is the question Zoé poses in her series, our shadow side and light side are in perpetual balance, which do you live by?

Flore Zoé has exhibited internationally in too many cities to name, from New York to Singapore. She is represented by the esteemed Opera Galleries from Paris, which establishes her as an artist well worth collecting.


AAF New York Spring 2017 (Mar 2017)
AAF Brussels 2017 (Feb 2017)
ArteFiera Bologna 2017 (Jan 2017)