Jenny Boot

Jenny Boot (The Netherlands, 1969) started her artistic career as a painter, but soon realised photography was an even more precise medium to express her feelings, a language that gave her more control in translating her vision into images.

Let her take you through a journey into the depths her mind: fasten your seatbelt and bring a flashlight, because it will be a bumpy ride. You will be seduced, amazed, provoked and there’s a chance you will never want to go back to the dullness of reality…

Jenny started her education at the Fotoacademie in Groningen. She didn’t know much about technique at the time and had to search for her own identity as an artist. After two years she quit her studies to explore what inspired her the most. Later she finished her education in fashion photography at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam.

Light is an important aspect of Jenny’s work. According to the artist, even though a photo, an idea, or a model can be beautiful, light is what makes or breaks a photograph. It is through the use of light that she is able to capture her models in painterly images. Come on baby light my fire!

Jenny photographs women who, through their corporeality, express powerful or sensual personalities. The girls in her photos are women of the world that look you straight into the eyes and try to seduce you. These kick-ass women are not afraid to expose themselves. Jenny’s muses have this particular power of daring to be vulnerable. This is what we call girl power.

For The Awesome Jenny produced two different series. For the first series she created portraits and still lives that evoke Dutch and Flemish painting. Jenny is a master when it comes to mixing classical and modern elements both in costumes and atmosphere. We believe that Mr. Vermeer himself would have appreciated her style. The women in her portraits look traditional, but still have these contemporary edges. They have their own little secrets and invite you to discover them. Please take a closer look at the collar of one of the girls. It’s not a regular collar. You already figured didn’t you!

And Ka-Boom, she also created a second series. From the comic book imagery of superheroes she drew inspiration for a provocative series of fictional characters from our popular culture. We get to know Batman, his Batwife and their children in this series. Looks like the usual superhero stuff… but wait! Something is going on here… We see the superheroes in an intimate domestic dimension. Batman’s character expresses sorrow and discouragement, while his partner is distracted by her smartphone. If you look closer you might even see that she is actually more interested in Batman’s arch nemesis… the Joker! Kapow!

Didn’t we already tell you to keep Jenny on your radar? Jenny has worked for many magazines, has been nominated for awards (such as Photography Masters Cup, Fotogram awards, Cannes Lion, Creative award) and has won the PANL # 21 members choice award in 2012.
She has also been selected as one of the 100 best up-and-coming talents in Holland and she recently entered the impressive collection at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, which mixes blue-chip artists like Damien Hirst, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and Takashi Murakami with contemporary artists like KAWS and Dustin Yellin.


Rise Art Prize “Artist of the year” (Finalist 2018)
Gerrit van Houten Art prize (Nominated 2017)
MIfa Moscow International Foto Award (Honorable Mention 2016)
Fine Art Photography Award (FAPA) (Nominated 2015)
Black & White Spider Awards (Honorable Mention 2015)
Life Framer “The Human Body” (Winner 2015)
8th International COLOR Fine Art Award (Nominated 2015)
Photography Masters Cup (Nominated (Fine Art and Nude Categories) 2014)
Photoshoot Award (Nominated 2014)
Members Choice Award PANL (Winner 2012)


Art at the Palms (


AAF Amsterdam 2018 (Nov 2018)
Ransom Art Gallery London, UK (Jun 2018)
AAF Hampstead 2018 (May 2018)
Salone Del Mobile w/ MOOOI & Megan Grehl, Milan, Italy (Apr 2018)
“Het meisje inspireert” Vermeer Centrum, Delft, Netherlands (Apr 2018)
AAF Brussels 2018 (Mar 2018)
AAF Battersea Spring 2018 (Mar 2018)
Solo Show “Black Mirror” @ Fotogalerie Objectief, Enschede, Netherlands (Feb 2018)
RiseArt Prize Exhibition London, UK (Feb 2018)
The Woman Show @ Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, USA (Jan 2018)
An Own Kind of Beauty @ HiRez Gallery, Bruges, Belgium (Oct 2017)
Solo Show @ Miva Fine Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden (Aug 2017)
The Art Box Project @ Art Basel (Jun 2017)
Naarden Off Festival (May 2017)
Gerrit van Houten Prize Exhibition (Mar 2017)