Joost Wensveen

An economist by day, Joost Wensveen is a self-taught photographer who uses the medium as vehicle for expressing and communicating his inherent vision. He has meticulously honed his artistic craft to produce a series for PHOA that is inspired by the enigmatic works of Edward Hopper. Like the iconic American painter, Wensveen uses architecture, humanity and mystery to convey the provocative narratives that riddle his compositions.

In the same vein as Hopper, Wensveen invites viewers to participate in a humanistic conversation about existential being and the ubiquity of melancholic moments that unite our struggles. As a critique on society, Wensveen’s work explores the fallacies of our digital age, in which we pursue superficial validation on all platforms; advertising perpetual happiness on social media is a propagated farce! Step into the tender reality of Joost Wensveen.


Context Miami 2016 (Dec 2016)