Maartje Jaquet

Amsterdam-based Maartje Jaquet is one to be reckoned with. Her background is so vast we’d run out of space writing about it! But here is a brief teaser: her skills revolve around photography, video, animation, collage, poetry, image & language, drawing, painting….and the list goes on! What better way to learn these vast amounts of skills than through one of her classes. Maartje teaches both adults and children, the budding artists of tomorrow. And did we mention she teaches in Dutch, French, English and German? Wow!

With Maartje’s series for The Rijks, what she sees is what you get, with a little touch from the painters of the past of course. Maartje beautifully merges the city of today with subjects of yesterday through photo collage. A true connoisseur of the overlaying technique, she uses images inspired from Gerard ter Borch (II), Cornelis van Poelenburch, Gerard Dou and George Hendrik Breitner. Watch out world, Maartje is taking over!