Matteo Mauro


Matteo Mauro (b.1992) is an artist born in Catania, Sicily and currently based in the UK. After graduating with a degree in architecture from the University College of London, Mauro returned to his Sicilian home to find himself entranced by the classical art and ornamentation around him. But rather than idolize the past, Mauro went on to develop a unique style that blends classical and contemporary techniques together; resulting in the algorithmic generative series: Micromegalic Inscriptions. A dance of digital brushstrokes inspired by classical engravings. Mauro has been awarded The Master of Arts prize in 2018 and the International Van Gogh Prize. His works have been exhibited at The Royal Academy of Arts in London, Museo Arte Contemporanea Sicilia, Marte Museum, MEAM in Barcelona, Museo della Fabbrica, The Dubai Design District, Qianjiang International Art Museum of China, Le Salon des Indépendants in Paris and much more.


The Series: Micromegalic Inscriptions

Where do you go when you look into the depths of Matteo Mauro’s Micromegalic Inscriptions? The swirling, dynamic, aluminum printed artworks take each viewer on a different journey, though they all have the same beginning: as creative studies of a classical piece of art. Mauro starts each process by examining the gestures in a Rococo or Baroque work, often an engraving, which he then digitally abstracts using an algorithm coded to reinterpret the works in his expression. “Thus…spontaneity and mathematical constraints are processed by software, to create new metaphors that enrich traditional paradigms.” On the one hand, Mauro hints at the mythical landscapes and high art of the past. While on the other, these artworks only speak the language of the present, embracing the union between man and machine. Wherever you may stand on the spectrum of old and new; these works will inspire and ignite debate for years to come.



Gold Award of Contemporary Creative use of Oil Media // Le Salon des Indépendants, Art Capital – Paris, Winter 2020. [Award]
European Excellence of Arts // MEAM Museu Europeu d.Art Modern – Barcelona-Rome-Paris, Spring 2019. [Award]
Premio Arte Contemporanea // Adrenaline Project – Rome, Jan 2019. [Award]
Award for Outstanding Work // Qianjiang International Art Museum 錢江國際美術館 – Hangzhou, Fall 2018. [Award]
Barcelona International Gallery Awards 2018 // Cage Gallery – Barcelona, Fall 2018. [Exhibition Award]
Van Gogh International Art Exhibition Award // Museo Civico G. Sciortino Monreale – Palermo, Spring 2018. [Awarded by José Van Roy Dalì, son of Salvador Dalì]
Premio Maestro D’arte 2018 // Oscar Pulli Magazine – Italy, Spring 2018. [Award]
Research Images Exhibition // Wilkins Building Gallery – London, Spring 2018. [Honourable Mention]
Gli Artisti della Collezione Sgarbi // Collezione Museo Sgarbi – Italy, Winter 2017. [Award]
Research Images Exhibition // Wilkins Building Gallery – London, Fall 2016. [Award Winner]


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Baroque Art // Datong Art Museum 大同美术馆 – Datong, 21 Sept / 30 Sept 2021.
البحر الأبيض المتوسط // MACAM Modern and Contemporary Art Museum – Beirut, Spring 2021.*
Permanent Collection // Museo d’Arte Contemporanea at Palazzo Beneventano – Siracusa, Summer 2020.
Il mio Barocco // Museo della Fabbrica, Monastero dei Benedettini – Catania, 31 May / 20 Jun 2019.*
Permanent Collection // Songyang Museum Contemporary Art – China, Spring 2019.
European Excellence of Arts // MEAM Museu Europeu d’Art Modern – Barcelona, 04 Apr / 08 Apr 2019.
Permanent Collection // Qianjiang International Art Museum 錢江國際美術館 – Hangzhou, Fall 2018.
Permanent Collection // MACS – Museo Arte Contemporanea Sicilia – Catania, Fall 2018.
Belt and Road // Hangzhou European Art Museum 歐洲藝術博物館 – Hangzhou Library Art Centre, 02 / 09 Nov Oct 2018.
L’Anima, il Colore, la Materia // Fondazione Museo Crocetti – Rome, 15 Sept / 27 Sept 2018.
Wondertime // Polo Museale Civico – GAM Monastero di Santa Chiara – Catania, 07 Sept / 07 Oct 2018.
Forma e Forme // Museo Marte – Cava dei Tirreni, 19 Jul / 28 Jul 2018.
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018 // RA of Arts – London, 12 Jun / 19 Aug 2018.
Young Art – Meeting Internazionale Arte Contemporanea // Museo Marte – Cava dei Tirreni, 28 Apr / 12 May 2018.
Van Gogh International Art Exhibition // Museo Civico G. Sciortino Monreale – Palermo, 14 Mar / 22 Apr 2018.
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016 // RA of Arts – London, Summer 2016. [with Bloomlab Studio]

*Solo Shows.