Max Siedentopf

The Kit

What’s inside Max Siedentopf Kit? Honestly, we’re not too sure we want to know but one thing is for certain, Max operates on humour to connect to people. Laughter has no cultural borders, identity, or origin. The jokes the Romans were laughing at are still funny today. True, sometimes we can get lost in translation, and there’s a beauty in that as well. Understanding what makes someone else laugh may be the strongest connection we build with that person, and laughing with them can bring out the best in us.

The Series

We can all be dickheads sometimes. We may find ourselves experimenting with embarrassing fads, like twerking to break the ice on a date, taking a selfie with a gator you find at a park, getting a hoverboard thinking it would skyrocket your ‘cool’ meter off the charts. It’s Ok, being shameless and embarrassing makes us human, it’s what we have in common all over the world. Let’s embrace it. That’s what Max conveys in this series; you’re a dickhead on your hoverboard, no matter where you come from. Universal man, universal.

The Bio

An all over uber creative, Max Siedentopf grew up in the savannah of Namibia to German parents. He has then lived in Berlin, Los Angeles and now resides in Amsterdam where he works for famous creative company KesselKramer. Max simply ‘creates’, preferring not to be placed within any boxes, his works ranges from video, sculpture, photography, baking, street art and more, all in the name of ‘bad humour’. Which is why to The Public House of Art, he was a match made in heaven.