Noah Valentyn

Noah Valentyn sure does tick all the boxes for all around creative afficionado. An actor, photographer and filmmaker, he has lived in New York and Los Angeles for some time before coming back to Amsterdam. His experience and skills as a photographer took off in New York where he had access to a world of insight and skills inspiring his development. And we’re thrilled to work with him (he is quite dashing!) and have him develop works specifically for The Rijks exhibition!

Using the building as the stage for The Night Guard series, art comes to life after the doors close. You may not recognize the venue immediately, or perhaps these rooms have been overlooked. But if you take the time to see the architecture, you’ll discover a whole new world which the artist portrays in his works. Herman Doomer’s furniture as well as other cupboards play a pivotal role for setting the tone of Noah’s works particularly in the background of the photographs. His inspiration can also be traced back to the bronze sculptures by Ferdinand Leenhoff, Adriaen de Vries, and Hendrik de Keyser (I), which the artist brings to life through his subjects beautifully covered in gold. We’d love to get our hands on those models for sure!